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  1. 2013.04.25 2013.4.25[ADB] ADB Annual Report 2012


2013.4.25[ADB] ADB Annual Report 2012.pdf


In 2012, the Board of Directors continued to oversee the implementation of Strategy 2020—ADB’s paramount (Status as of 31 December 2013) View infographic in higher resolution. strategic framework to guide all its operations to 2020—as it deliberated and took decisions to improve ADB’s responsiveness, development effectiveness, and accountability. ADB’s operations in 2012 totaled $21.57 billion. Of this amount, $13.30 billion was financed by ADB and Special Funds, and $8.27 billion by cofinancing partners. Meanwhile, ADB’s cofinancing operations continue to extend the impact of our development assistance.

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